Lakeview High School

Super Drill Masters

$42.95 $37.95

  • Finest durable materials yet Lightweight/ Low Mass construction.
  • Unique sole “Forefoot HINGE™” facilitates “toes up” and “ball of foot” flex.
  • Patented ROLLED HEEL™ proven to improve marching.
  • Full-shoe absorbent padding. Supercushy sock lining. 100% Blister Proof.
  • Dance-shoe design. SPLIT SOLE shows off elegant foot articulation.
  • Engineered tread pattern. Wet/dry super-stick sole compound.
  • Archilles Tendon/ Heel-Lock, Athletic Grade (plush) ankle collar.
  • Super-wide outsole with unique lateral support stabilizers.



Male 3-16 11-16 Full Sizes Only

   Wide 11-16 Full Sizes Only

Female 5-18 13-18 Full Sizes Only

   Wide 13-18 Full Sizes Only